Cherry Limeade

Growing up, one of my favorite fast food locales was Sonic.  It was just so fun and old school.  I loved the drive-in aspect and the roller skating servers. As a kid, I loved the burgers and tator tots, who didn’t? But everyone agrees, the best part of Sonic is the drinks.  They have the usual soda fountain, but you can mix in flavors however you like, and this adds up to, no lie, 398,929 beverage combinations.  So you could get, for instance, cherry vanilla Sprite.  Or Strawberry DrPepper.  Or, my personal favorite, cherry limeade.  I cannot count the number of drinks I’ve had there.  Every afternoon, most Sonics have a Happy Hour, where those drinks are half-price.  It’s insanely popular with broke college students. I spent many afternoons driving through there between classes just for a soda.  I’d meet up with a friend, we’d have a mere thirty minutes to spare, so we’d high-tail it down the road and drive up to order our drinks.  And we would inevitably see many, many classmates who had the same great idea.

Because most of Sonic is outdoors, they have understandably chosen to stay in warmer climates within the US.  As such, they haven’t migrated to my neck of the woods, and it’s one of the things I sorely miss about Texas.  It’s also one of the “Texas” things on which I got to educate Matt (who didn’t grow up in Texas). He had never once eaten at Sonic before we began dating.  Such deprivation!

This summer, we took our vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  There is a Sonic in Nags Head, close to where we stayed in Kitty Hawk.  I made quite certain that we ate there at least once.  Matt ordered a strawberry limeade, I ordered my usual cherry limeade that I hadn’t had in so many years.  It was every bit as blissful as I remember.  That lunch was so nostalgic for me.  And Matt definitely appreciated his burger being served on Texas toast.

I made this cherry limeade a few weeks after we returned home.  It was a huge hit.  Since I can’t have my Sonic at home, this will make a nice stand-in for my favorite drink there.

Source: Food From My Frontier, by Ree Drummond

1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup sugar
1 (2-liter) bottle lemon-lime soda, such as Sprite
1 (5 oz) jar maraschino cherries, with their juice
Thin lime slices, for garnish

Chill all ingredients thoroughly before using.
Once all ingredients are very cold, add the lime juice to a pitcher. Add the sugar, then pour the soda in. Now add the whole jar of maraschino cherries. Add plenty of lime slices on top. Serve in a tall glass filled with ice, making sure every serving gets their fair share of cherries and lime slices.

*Note: adults, feel free to spike your drink with vodka or rum.

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