It’s officially mid-October, which means the holidays are fast approaching. For crying out loud, Target is already airing a Christmas commercial. I suppose it does serve as a reminder that the season for giving is going to be here soon, and well, frankly, it’s the season for receiving as well. Admit it, we all like getting presents. Soooo, where is this going?

Well, it’s my 50th blog post, and what better way to celebrate than my FIRST. EVER. GIVEAWAY!!!

For my first giveaway, I thought I would give a wink and a nod to the impending holidays with cookbooks, because they are undoubtedly a popular gift exchange item. I’ve given them and I’ve received them, and I’m sure you have too. 2012 has been, and continues to be, a great year for publishing cookbooks. There are so many good ones. Thus, I thought I would do a feature of 10 cookbooks that have been or will be published by the end of 2012. This list comprises books I already own and love as well as books I’m lusting after. I’ll pick a random winner, they get to pick which book from this list that they want, and I will send a brand new copy to you! Here’s the list:

1. Ted Allen, In My Kitchen (May 2012)
Ted Allen is one of my all-time favorite culinary personalities, and this has fast become one of my favorite books. I’ve cooked multiple recipes from it, despite having only owned it a mere few months. They’ve all been delicious winners. I love this book’s premise – it’s for people who love to cook and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Well, that’s me! If that describes you too, then you need this book.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

2. Ashley English, A Year of Pies (August 2012)
Um, hello? Doesn’t the title of the book say everything you need to know?? As a pie lover myself, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. There are sweet and savory pies, plus tarts, galettes, and small pies. The book is organized by season, which is terrific. I’m a huge proponent of seasonality in cooking. It’s all fresh ingredients and the classics are updated with a twist. Yummy!!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

3. Elizabeth Faulkner, Cooking Off the Clock: Recipes from My Downtime (August 2012)
Elizabeth Faulkner has become a familiar face on television the past few years with appearances judging Top Chef, being a contestant on Top Chef Masters, and being the runner-up for The Next Iron Chef. The unflappable and gracious pastry chef released a book of mostly savory recipes. They look wonderful and very doable for the home cook. She is also my sister’s personal fave. 🙂

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

4. Tyler Florence, Fresh (December 2012)
I’ve been a Tyler fan for a long time now, and I’m eager to get his newest book. I’m sad he’s not making his show for Food Network anymore, but I cook from his books often. He’s become very involved in cooking for kids lately, which is awesome, and his last two books reflect that. I didn’t get them as I have no children. So I’ve been impatiently awaiting this offering for the grown-ups in the room. As an aside, I’m really digging his new look. The scruff and the glasses (unfortunately not pictured below) are kind of hot!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

5. Ina Garten, Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust (October 2012)
Who doesn’t love the always sophisticated, poised, ever posh, but oh so gracious Ina? Her recipes are delicious and her cookbooks are so well executed. This one isn’t out yet, but I have almost all of her books, so I’ll no doubt be adding this one to my collection. I can’t wait to see it!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

6. Deb Perelman, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (October 2012)
Who doesn’t know and adore the Smitten Kitchen food blog? It needs no introduction. I’m sure her book will be every bit as terrific as her blog. I’ve tried several of the blog’s recipes, and they’ve all been knockouts. I can’t wait for the Smitten in print, sitting on my kitchen bookshelf!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

7. Ellise Pierce, Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking with a French Accent (May 2012)
One of my favorite blogs comes to life in this book. Ellise Pierce moved from Texas to Paris to be with her man and her cooking is heavily influenced by both cuisines and cultures. Her food looks awesome and her story is captivating and inspiring. I’m particularly drawn to her journey as I grew up in Texas, but left it for a different culture. And Paris is one of my all-time favorite cities on the planet. I can’t wait to get a hold of the book.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

8. Rachael Ray, The Book of Burger (June 2012)
She’s definitely got her haters out there, but I am not one of them. I will concede that she gets too loud sometimes, and yes, she can be really corny and hokey. But, I think her cooking has matured so much in recent years, and I love her charitable causes. Besides, who doesn’t love burgers? I enjoy this book quite a bit. It’s not just burgers, but also sliders, sandwiches, hot dogs, sloppy joes, and sides, with a bonus chapter of impressive offerings from several celebrity chefs like Michael Symon, Mark Murphy, and Bobby Flay. The burgers are beef, poultry, pork, lamb, seafood and vegetarian fare. I use it often and haven’t been disappointed.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

9. Deborah Schneider, Mexican Slow Cooker (July 2012)
I bought this the day it came out, it looked so good. I’m not proud to admit I haven’t cooked anything from it yet; I’ll just try to make the excuse that it’s only now turning to proper slow cooker weather, and that I can’t wait to dive in. I love using my slow cooker and I love Mexican food, so win-win! The recipes are wonderfully traditional, but adapted for our crock pots. All the classics are there, like carnitas, menudo, several mole recipes, and a primer on tamales. It’s a must if you love cooking Mexican food.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

10. Robb Walsh, Texas Eats: The New Lone Star Heritage Cookbook with Over 200 Recipes (Mar 2012)
Robb Walsh is a James Beard award winner and the definitive go-to guy for Texas culinary traditions. He’s written several books, this being his newest. I’m really lusting after it. It contains many recipes from all over the state with background information on regions and food history. There are beautiful pictures on almost every page and the food looks amazing. If you have any interest in learning more about Texas culinary traditions or just want some solid and authentic recipes on hand, then don’t miss this one.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

How do you win one of these awesome books? I’m glad you asked! There are 5 ways to enter yourself.

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This giveaway will end on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. A winner will be chosen using and notified by email. The winner will have exactly 24 hours to respond, and the clock will begin ticking from the moment the email is sent. If there is no response, then a new winner will be chosen with the same method. Let’s get started, I’m so excited to do this!!!

Giveaway Fine Print:
-You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
-Giveaway idea inspired by fellow food blogger Gaby. Thank you!
-I have no affiliations with any author or company at this time. Prizes will come from my own pocket.

Congratulations Elisabeth Good! Thank you everyone for participating.

18 responses to “FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Roselyn Nicewarner

    Julie, I love your blog and your recipes with the beautiful pictures. You are a very talented writer. I’m proud to know you!

    I follow you on fb, and like your page, but of family are not eligible for your contest I understand.

    Love you,

  2. Barbara Wallace

    What a wonderful idea! I love these blogs. I have tried some of your recipes, and I can attest to the fact that they are wonderful. Keep up the good work!


  3. I’d probably choose the “Texas Eats” cookbook, esp now that I can’t eat my fave Texan dishes regularly anymore!

    (I now follow you on FB, and you’re in my reader)

    Awesome idea!!

  4. I’d probably choose either the Ted Allen cookbook (he is SO cool) or the Ina Garten cookbook.

  5. hi Julie….
    Follow your blog via facebook and just subscribed to your blog!!! What great recipes… Will you come and cook in my kitchen. :). ?
    so many great cookbooks you are offering… I would have a hard time choosing, but I do like Ina!!! Edie

  6. Following you on Facebook!

  7. Enjoying your site so I’m nominating you for my Illuminating Blogger Award for informative, illuminating blog content. I know not everyone participates in blog awards but I hope you’ll at least check it out because it’s a great way to discover new blogs and meet new web friends. If you’re interested in participating, you can check out the details at my site … foodstoriesblog dot com & then click on “Illuminating Blogger Award” at the top of the page … Either way, hope you’re having a great day!

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  10. I subscribed via email.

  11. I liked your FB page.

  12. I’m following you on twitter.

  13. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and congrats on 50 posts! If I won I would love to have the Tyler Florence Fresh book! 🙂

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  16. My dear Julie! I love your giveaway idea and I hope I am the lucky winner of The Smitten Kitchen 🙂 keep up the good work and make us all non-writing foodies proud!

  17. If I win I would like the Ted Allen cookbook. This is if I am not too late in getting this in!

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