My Mom’s Blackened Catfish

My mom's blackened catfish 081

Would you even believe me if I told you Matt and I both got sick AGAIN?!?! Third time this year… He’s doing much better, but I have been hit with bronchitis and another ear infection, so I’ve been a bit slow lately. Time to play catch-up!

Last week I blogged My Mom’s Taco Salad, which is delicious and one of *very* few salads I would willingly eat growing up. This catfish is another one of hers that I ate often as a child, and one I always loved.

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Truth be told, my family of origin are/were not big seafood people. We rarely had fish at home, occasionally salmon cakes, and let me tell you, shellfish absolutely never graced our dinner table. But catfish was the crowning exception to this “rule.” Catfish we did have on a regular basis, and everyone loved it. Well, come to think of it… I know I loved it, I know both parents loved it; Megan did you love it? If not, you faked it well. 🙂

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This is not my blackening seasoning used on this fish – I’ve stuck to Mom’s version here, and I love it! Childhood faves definitely deserve a space on the food blog, I think, so I’m very happy to be posting this one today. Oh, and this seasoning works beautifully on chicken breasts, chicken wings, shrimp, other fish fillets, etc. So even if catfish isn’t your thing, take note of the spice rub and use it on your favorite protein.

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{One Year Ago: Orecchiette with Heirloom Fingerlings and Asparagus Pesto}

2 tsp sweet paprika
2 tsp lemon pepper
2 tsp steak seasoning
2 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp black pepper
½ tsp cayenne
2 catfish fillets
2 tbs unsalted butter

Mix all the spices, including the salt and pepper in a small bowl. Blot the catfish dry with paper towels on both sides. Liberally rub the blackening seasoning onto both sides of the fish. Pat them in with your palms.
Place a cast-iron or other nonstick skillet over high heat. Add the butter. Once it is fully melted, swirl it around the pan to evenly coat the entire surface. Carefully add the fish to the skillet and cook, flipping once, until just cooked through. Depending on thickness of fish, this will take anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes total. It’s done when it can flake apart with a fork or the edge of a metal spatula. Remove the fish to a cutting board and serve immediately.

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  1. Barbara Wallace

    Wow! I’ve just been thinking about what to cook tonight, and THIS IS IT! I really haven’t thought about it in a long time, but I’m doing it! Thanks so very much for this post. And since I don’t know what I did with the seasoning recipe, Thank you again!! Keep the great recipes coming!!

    – Mom

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