Florida, a New Nephew, and Other Reasons for Being a Negligent Blogger This Summer

I know I don’t usually do this, but it’s been so long since I last posted anything that I thought a blog dedicated to explaining my absence might be just a bit appropriate. It’s been a busy but fantastic summer, one I refuse to believe might be actually starting to wind down. I will continue to yell “NOOOOOO!!!!!” every time I see or hear anything about “back to school”, simply as a matter of principle.

Anywho… my summer started with a trip to Texas to visit family and getting to meet the newest baby nephew!!! Preston is the sweetest, snuggliest baby with the most fun and adorable older siblings. We had a blast. A couple weeks later my mom came up to visit us! Her first trip to Hoboken – we showed her the waterfront, introduced her to Bare Burger, and made cherry slab pie. So fun!

Then, insert some boring but busy work stuff, and preparations began for our two-week vacation to Florida! I had the best of serious intentions to schedule some blogs to share during our trip, but I accidentally rescued a stray cat instead. (I thought she lived in our building! I thought she was micro-chipped!)


Two days later we left for Florida, with profuse apologies to our cat-sitter, and just got back late Saturday night!

Florida was so awesome. We spent one week in Miami Beach and the second week in Key West.

Here’s a little collage of our stay in Miami.

Honestly the only thing we really did in Miami was visit to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation of Miami. You tour the facilities then interact with some friendly animals, and have the option to play with a baby tiger! We spent the rest of the time at either the resort pool or the beach, including one day seeing dear friends that moved down there about a year ago.

Restaurant recommendations:

Y.U.C.A. – a little more upscale Cuban place with terrific service every time. They tend to overcook fish, but their meat dishes and desserts are amazing.

Cleo South Beach – Mediterranean cuisine, get their tasting menu. Cannot give enough raves about this one.

Beachcraft – Tom Colicchio’s first Miami restaurant, it is absolutely incredible. Fantastic drinks and food.

Yardbird – a place specializing in Southern food, known for fried chicken and bourbon. Best biscuits ever. Go on a very empty stomach! Also has a Las Vegas location.

My Ceviche – tiny hole in the wall place with amazing food. Octopus ceviche was incredible as was the tuna burrito.

Sushi Samba – also has locations in New York and Las Vegas, some of the best sushi outside of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Spot-on execution of your usual sushi suspects, plus some original creations. Both outstanding. Also, tempura green beans appetizer. Just, yes.

Here’s a little Key West picture collage, where we also had a lovely time. We rented a little bungalow one block from Duval St. which came with a very friendly cat. We did more stuff in Key West, including their aquarium (worth seeing), Ernest Hemingway’s house, some cool art galleries, and the highlight: a day trip to Fort Jefferson and Dry Tortugas! A little island about 70 miles from Key West, we took the boat trip, and it is indescribably beautiful. Worth every penny.



Restaurant recommendations:

Caroline’s Cafe – dined there twice, they have one of the best fried fish sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. Great key lime pie too.

BO’s Fish Wagon – menu is mostly fried stuff, it’s all delicious.

Dante’s Pool and Bar – we spent part of our last afternoon here, and probably would’ve stayed longer if not for a few conditions: there’s no cover charge, but if you get a covered table or chairs, there’s a $50 minimum on food and drink. So if you are a party of two who aren’t hungry, you have to choose between getting blasted by the sun, or blasted on the alcohol. We ended up choosing neither and went back to the pool that came with our rental. The drinks are quite good though.

Glazed Donuts – a must at least once when in Key West.

Amigos Tortilla Bar – delicious Mexican food. Absolutely delicious.

Blue Macaw Island Eats and Bar – ate breakfast there one day, it is awesome. They have a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar, which is heaven for people unlike me who actually like Bloody Mary’s. The food is wonderful too.

Island Dogs Bar – food is not recommended but drinks are wonderful, especially the Key Lime Pie Martini!

Thank you for your patience, and I’ll be back with actual food and recipes tomorrow!!

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  1. Blogging negligence is perfectly A-Okay during the Summer – enjoy the break! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a great summer! Have fun with your new kitty!

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