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  1. Dear Julie,
    I thanked you publically on the “twin post” for Merguez sausages on my blog…but also wanted to thank you personally for the very nice words you had to say about the diplomatickitchen….they may reflect the eyes of the kind and loving spirit viewing the site more than the merits of the blog.

    I enjoy your weekly posts and look forward to seeing the email pop up saying that a new one is out there waiting for me…one of your faithful readers.


  2. Hello,

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    Jesse Alden

  3. I liked many of your recipes, and especially your statement in your “about me” section where you state that you care deeply about where your food comes from. My family and I feel the same way. We believe we have a responsibility to make ethical food choices. In keeping with that concern you anf I both have for the origins of our food, I would strongly recommend you avoid veal. It is, far to often, a cruelly produced meat…poor scared little calves locked away in dark, horribly cramped stalls, deprived of many of the nutrients they crave, and even deprived of drinking water and any chance at exercise in order to make the meat softer and whiter. It’s really disgusting. I noticed you had a recipe for veal. So, when I read your statement about your concern for where your foof comes from, I wanted to let you know if the very serious yeshivas to avoid veal. Thanks! Kevin Miller and Family

    • Sorry, that last sentence got a bit jumbled. It should have read, “I wanted to let you know of the very serious reasons to avoid veal.”

  4. We are going to Texan New Yorker.

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