S’Mores Ice Cream


As promised, today I’m showing you how to use up the leftover goodness from the two fillings (chocolate and marshmallow) from the S’Mores Whoopie Pies. You make ice cream!!


This ice cream was pretty darn easy to pull off, though it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d envisioned. But still addictively delicious and it did taste like its advertising: s’mores in the form of ice cream! So I’d say that’s winning.


First I made ice cream base, and once that was chilled, I loosely mixed in the marshmallow filling, intentionally leaving it chunky and not thoroughly mixed at all. Then I poured that mixture into the ice cream maker and let it churn about 15 minutes. I warmed the chocolate up just a tad so it could be drizzled off a spoon (it had been in the fridge), then drizzled about half of it into the churning ice cream base. My intention was that it would streak itself throughout, sort of like straciatella, but it was either too warm or just not the right consistency for that, so it blended into the base and the end result looked like light chocolate ice cream.


After pouting for a split second and then shrugging it off, I chopped up some graham crackers and added them in during the last 5 minutes of churning. When that part was done, I took a page from the Tin Roof Ice Cream playbook and alternated layers of ice cream and the remaining chocolate filling into my serving carton, so it would get a fudge ripple effect. Then freeze it to let it set up and you have a version of S’Mores Ice Cream!


And may I just say, it’s really, really good. Matt and I loved it. After an initial two-hour freeze, the graham crackers are still very crunchy; after it sits in the freezer overnight, they get much softer, but still taste distinctly like graham crackers and still offer a contrast from the ice cream itself, so we still approved. It was rich and creamy, as all ice cream should be, and I would make it again in a heartbeat.


So, please do your taste buds a huge favor and go make Megan’s S’Mores Whoopie Pies, and then take the leftover fillings and make this ice cream. Your family and friends will love you for a long, long time, I promise.

2 cups milk
4 egg yolks
¼ cup plus 2 tbs sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
1 cup heavy cream
½ recipe Marshmallow Filling
1/2 recipe Chocolate Filling
5-6 graham crackers, chopped

Heat the milk in a medium saucepan to scald it. Heat it until it is almost up to a boil; when you see the first hint of bubbles on the edges, it’s done. Shut off the heat.
Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and salt. When the milk has heated properly, slowly whisk in about half a cup to the egg mixture. Whisk constantly. This will temper the yolks so they do not scramble on you.
When the yolks have been tempered, slowly pour the egg mixture into the milk in the saucepan, whisking constantly. Turn the heat to medium low and stir with a rubber spatula for about 10 minutes, until it is thick enough to coat the back of the spatula. This may take a few minutes less time.
When the custard is done, pour it through a strainer into a large mixing bowl. Add the heavy cream and combine. Let it cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t develop a skin. When it has cooled to room temperature, place it in the refrigerator until thoroughly chilled.
Once it is thoroughly chilled, remove from the fridge and loosely whisk in the marshmallow filling. You want it dispersed throughout but still quite a bit chunky. Pour this mixture into your ice cream maker and let it run about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, warm the chocolate filling up to room temperature. After the ice cream has churned 15 minutes, use a spoon to drizzle in about half the chocolate filling. Once that is done, throw in the chopped graham cracker pieces and let them get mixed into the ice cream.
Shut off the ice cream maker. Ladle a healthy drizzle of chocolate filling in your storage container, then top with a few dollops of ice cream. Alternate chocolate filling and ice cream until done. Freeze for about 2 hours to let it set up. If desired, serve with crushed graham cracker crumbs on top.

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  2. Julie,
    Want this now!
    I just picked up 2 dozen marked down eggs (who marks down Eggland’s Best Cage Free?) at the grocery store, and I think those will tide me over until our farm share kicks in–in 2 weeks woot! So, if I have any leftover after fixing many fried eggs for the spouse before he leaves for the land of powdered eggs, I’m making ice cream.


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